Save time, increase visibility, and get your marketing done! 

Have you ever created a marketing plan but then got too busy to launch it, or started your plan only to give up on it shortly after?

Starting and maintaining a consistent content strategy is vital for driving organic traffic to your business, but it’s easier said than done. With a content creation package, all of your primary marketing channels are covered with one simple plan. 

All you’ll have to do is copy and paste!

What is the Content Creation Package?

The content creation package makes your time a priority, so you can maximize your marketing with minimal effort. Each month you’ll receive:

Basic content creation package
Standard content creation package

How the Content Creation Package Works

Step 1: Kickoff Call

During a 30-minute kickoff call, we’ll discuss you, your business, your audience, and your competitors. Do you have specific services or story ideas? Let’s talk about them! 

content creation package step 1

Step 2: Research

What are your competitors talking about? What is your target audience looking for? I conduct extensive competitor and keyword research to identify the gaps and opportunities where you can shine.

content creation package step 2

Step 3: The Pitch

Next, you’ll receive 20 story ideas, complete with optimized headlines, brief descriptions, and suggested keywords and sub keywords. You then select your 12 favorite ideas for 3 months’ worth of content. Don’t like 12? We’ll go back to the drawing board. Like more than 12? We’ll keep some of them for later!

Step 4: Content Calendar

Once we’ve got our 12 topics worked out, I’ll create a calendar based on what days you want to post your content. By doing this, you’ll know what you should be expecting each and every week. Are there any changes needed? Let’s chat and make adjustments as we go!

Step 5: Receive Your Content

Finally, you’ll receive an email like this: 

What You Can Expect

content creation package Newsletters

Pick Your Content Creation Package

Here’s how much the basic and standard content creation packages cost. Rates are adjustable if you want longer blog posts or don’t wish to include a newsletter or social media.  

Basic content creation package pricing

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Get Your Marketing Done

Business owners wear a ton of hats and have a million tasks at hand. Content creation doesn’t have to be one of them. Schedule a consult today!