Axis Studios Offers Inbound Marketing Help During Quarantine

Bill Isenberger of Axis Studios can help improve your site’s inbound marketing efforts right when you need it most.

“We work with service-based businesses that need to convey their products and services,” Bill explains. “Our depth of experience and the adjunct of technologies that we use makes us unique.” 

Axis Studios has worked on all aspects of online interaction, from interactive kiosks and digital signage to content management systems (CMS) and UX design. 

Currently, Bill is focusing on customer relations management (CRM) integration and SEO (search engine optimization – how people find you on search engines like Google).

Inbound Marketing and CRM

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting new leads through content that businesses create, including blog posts, social media posts, videos, service pages – and much more. Through these efforts, you gain awareness, stand out amongst your competition, and ultimately generate sales. While businesses commonly use inbound marketing, many of them aren’t taking advantage of their customer data.

CRM is an inbound marketing program that is crucial for businesses – both large and small. These systems make running your business easier by:

  • Allowing you to analyze customer data
  • Helping you predict future customer needs
  • Managing interactions with current and potential customers
  • Improving your sales efficiency 

“Most businesses probably don’t realize what they’re missing by not having CRM,” Bill says. 

“I’m advocating for CRM because it really helps businesses take their marketing to another level. Hubspot is offering a free option right now. We are looking at finding clients who want to take advantage of it and get savvier with their digital marketing.”

Not only does CRM make your life easier. It’s also an advertising cost saver.

“If you compare how much money people spend on pay-per-click advertising and the success rate of that versus inbound marketing (which are typically organic searches), inbound marketing has better conversions than per-pay-click. It also costs a lot less. It’s a very effective resource,” Bill says.

In addition to CRM, Axis Studios is also helping businesses with their SEO. “Most websites can use an SEO tune-up of some sort,” Bill explains. 

Small businesses consistently cite generating leads and traffic as their biggest marketing challenge. In fact, the first five organic results (not ads) on the first page of a keyword search account for 67.60% of all clicks. 

The Importance of Your Virtual Storefront

“A professional website is the centerpiece of most people’s digital marketing,” Bill says. “Social media and email are important, but the way you capture people and convert them into customers is by having a professional web presence. We’re here to do that – to help people upgrade their websites to ensure that it’s professional.”

Small businesses can use the help. According to Pixolabo’s small business website statistics, as of last year:

Knowing a little bit about HTML, content management systems (CMS), or some web development skills doesn’t always translate into a professional product. It’s often advantageous to have an expert step in and help.

Axis Studios’ Long History

Axis Studios has been around since 1995. To put that in perspective, Axis Studios opened its doors the year that the first Toy Story was released, when TLC’s Waterfalls dominated music charts, and President Bill Clinton was still in his first term. 

Bill’s journey began nearly 30 years ago when he and his wife were hired simultaneously for a small software company. 

“We worked for them for two years,” Bill says. “We watched them run a small business, and we thought, ‘if they can do this, we can do this.’” 

Later, when Bill and a friend were working as computer consultants, his friend suggested that they ‘look into this web thing.’ 

“The next thing you know I’m selling websites to people who don’t even know what one is,” Bill says. “We were creating websites before Netscape, which was the only browser that existed back then. It was delivered through 28.8 baud modems. That always kind of shocks people,” Bill says. 

Since then, Axis Studios’ credentials have included Disney, Sephora, Kodak, Seattle Athletic Club, and Bristol Myers Squibb – to name a few. Bill and his team regularly serve people in the health and wellness industries, as well as people who have expertise in certain verticles, such as biotech. They also work with non-profits like Lifelong AIDS Alliance and arts organizations, including the Seattle Theatre Group and the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

“I have a pretty long history working with different industries. You would be hard-pressed to think of an industry that we haven’t created websites for.”  

How to Schedule a Consultation

To further take the burden off of small businesses that are struggling during quarantine, Axis Studios is offering installment plans so that they don’t have to put so much capital upfront. To schedule a consultation, Axis Studios can be reached through their site or by email.

“I usually respond to emails in minutes,” Bill says. “We’re very responsive.”