81% of people research legal services online before contacting an attorney. The right content can make sure they’re finding you. 

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Content marketing for law firms establishes authority, increases visibility, and is a cost-effective lead-generation strategy. Let’s work together to grow and sustain a thriving firm:

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Benefits of Content Marketing

Long-Term Value

Paid advertising is expensive, especially for lawyers! Search terms like “personal injury lawyer Washington” can easily cost you $50 – $75 per click, and once your ad campaign ends, you stop generating traffic. Blog content is organic, cost-effective and continues to attract visitors in perpetuity.

Increased Visibility

Websites with informative, high-quality content receive 434% more indexed pages, significantly improving your Google search ranking and visibility. However, only one in three law firms have a blog — and even fewer are well-maintained. 

Targeted Engagement 

Create content tailored to your audience’s interests, questions, and pain points. By addressing specific legal topics and providing valuable insights, you’ll attract visitors who actually turn into leads. 

Law firms I’ve written for directly or through a content marketing agency:

My Approach

Step 1: The Kickoff

We’ll start with a kickoff call to discuss you, your business, your audience, and your competitors. Do you have specific services or ideas for your newsletter or blog? Let’s talk about them! 

From there, I conduct competitor and keyword research to identify the gaps and opportunities where you can shine.

Step 2: The Pitch

Next, you’ll receive a list of ideas, complete with optimized headlines and brief descriptions. Select your favorites and add comments or suggestions. For web copy, you’ll receive a detailed outline of each page. 

Step 3: The Plan

Once we decide on a plan, you’ll receive a project timeline and a recommended publishing schedule. This way, you’ll always know what to expect and when. 

Do you use project management software like Asana or Notion? I can work within those mediums, too. 

Portfolio Samples

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Getting a traffic ticket can cost you more than just a fine. Assuming guilt can add points to your license, increase your insurance premiums, and stain your public record…

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are legal business structures commonly formed by medical practices, law firms, and other licensed partnerships — and for good reason…

Recent Posts

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Having a webpage isn’t enough these days. What sets you apart is your ability to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your desired audience. Content marketing does just that. Content marketing for law firms has incredible ROI potential…

81% of people research legal services online before contacting an attorney. The right content can make sure they find you. Imagine having a platform that not only informs readers about your services but also converts them into clients…

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